Why hello there, fancy meeting you here!



So you've found me. I guess you would like to know a little about me seeing as I will be capturing you and your family. I'm a mum to two energetic, wonderful, crazy kids and wife to an amazing husband that loves to cook. I love to go shopping at Kmart, date nights with hubby, making cubby houses with the kids, drinking far too much coffee (when your kids are up at 5am it's 3 cups before 9am), and lucky for you I'm passionate for photography.

Like a lot of photographers it started out as a hobby when I had my first child. I started out with trying to get all my family to look at the camera and say “cheeeeeeese!!” (I'm recalling my husband’s forlorn face now whilst my son was trying to run off). As they have grown, so has my style and perspective on photography. I love capturing the emotional connections you have with your family and loved ones, just as you are. No cheesy poses, no begging your children for their attention... just you.   

I am too realising that I am missing my babies being so tiny and everything that comes with it. All their firsts, their little quirks, everything that makes us fragile. My own hindsight in wishing that I had taken photos of the day to day home environment is what has driven my creative landscape. We have moved a few times since our children were born and my own personal regret is that we hadn't caught our families real and true moments. This is why my style is so real and connected in order for me to help tell your family’s story. It is my mission to capture spaces and places that you live, play, love and laugh in as much as the people that live in them. Think about how you feel when you are looking at old photo albums. What are you seeing? Perfectly posed photos or your Nana's old house you used to spend Christmas at, that beach you went to when you were little every summer, you running through the sprinkler in your backyard. Nostalgia, past experiences and the misty memories we all have is what I want to capture as your family’s very own time capsule. Touching moments and scenes are forever imprinted and that's what I want to experience with you and your loved ones.

My clients reach out for me to tell their story, portray their connections, their every day. Their perfectly imperfect world, chaos and all. They are like-minded people that don't have it together, that think differently, that love to laugh and don't take life too seriously. In this fast paced world of phone photography and social media, you are usually taking the photos or (at best) it's a selfie of you all. So I want you to look back in 20 years time and remember these special, not perfectly posed, moments because that's what you'll cherish. Just life as it is right now.

So if you want to embrace the chaos, the moments, your world, just as you are and have fun while we do then please contact me!

Because life’s to short not to!

Kirstyn xx