Welcoming baby Archibald

When a whole family comes together to welcome a new baby something special happens! Especially having two grandmothers there to love on this little guy. This was so much more than a newborn session, it was a celebration of family coming together.

Mums get in the frame!

It’s 2018. I used to write NYE resolutions and then never stick to them. Loose weight was always on the list. I loose it and put it on and so on. Its always a reason that I don’t want to be in photos. I hate what I look like when I have put on weight. I remember getting married thinking I wish I had lost more. Now I look back on those photos thinking "damn I wish I looked like that now".
You need to stop and just enjoy the body your in and if you  loose weight then you can get some new photos taken to celebrate the new you. But if you don’t, you risk only ever existing in your children’s memories by always being behind the camera. Do you look back on old family photos and ever think "wow Mum really was a bit too big", Ummm no! You see her as your mum, your world.
The biggest reason I get from Mums when thinking about getting family photos taken is "oh I hate how I look". I know as I have been guilty of this. But you need to stop and think of why are you getting family photos done? For me it’s to capture the moment, the reality of what is happening now in your life. Our kids are growing up so quickly. These are the moments I want to capture, their little personalities, the hugs, the tickles and the fun! Because soon they’ll be teenagers and you will be creating different memories.
I have a beautiful friend who is now a Mum to three boys. I have been lucky enough to be there and capture memories for them. For her this is extra special. She doesn’t have many photos at all of her mum because the unthinkable happened. She lost her Mum to cancer when she was young. Her Mum hated to be in photos because of the way she looked. She wont let this happen to her family. In her words her Mums size was the last thing she looked at. She just saw her mother and the woman who meant the most to her in the world.
So this year I’m aiming to get in the frame in our life as we know it. Warts and all. Because when my kids look back on these they will remember that I was there too. I hope that you do the same.


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And baby makes three...

Well... what could be more exciting than the birth of your own children. When your little brother and his amazing partner have their little girl!  I am lucky enough to become and Aunty again so I'm reliving it through them.

Seriously this makes me miss that stage of life so much... the newborn smell that I wish I could bottle, the tiny clothes, even the sleepless nights and the fear you have no ideas what your doing! All these things and the endless possibilities being a new parent brings!

Well your new baby girl is so lucky to have you as her parents. You're taking every day as it comes and enjoying everything being a new parent is, you got this guys! Thank you so much guys for letting me be there and document these special moments in your life...