Why you should get professional family photos

Hey Mumma, are you like me and take a lot of photos of your kids? Are you in any of them? Are your kids growing up way too quickly? They sure are. Soon they'll be teenagers and the days of wanting to hold your hand, have tickle fights and play hide and seek will be over!

So let’s get together for a family lifestyle session. This can be at your home, or a favourite park. We can just do what you love to do! If it's at home we can bake together if that's your thing, or bounce on the trampoline. You can snuggle on the bed and read a book and then walk to your favourite park. We can go to the park that you love to go to every weekend or a special place that you and your family love. Or I can suggest some beautiful locations around Sydney! During my sessions I will let you just be you and have some fun.

We will go exploring and play. The kids will lead the way because, lets’ be honest, they really run the show and if they're happy then we all will be! We will stop to sit down maybe on your favourite picnic blanket and every now and then i’ll get you to look at me as the grandparents love these shots (but no pressure if the kids don't want to!)

The best photos are the in-between moments, the happy moments. Not when you're screaming at the kids to look at the camera (yes, I have done this too and found out that they are forced smiles and not ones happy). Leave it all to me, I will guide you and we will make magic together!

I often have families come back and say that they actually had fun. That they were worried as their kids are very energetic and don't listen. Trust me, I know. I'm a mum to two (almost 3) very energetic kids that like to run away on me! And that's ok, that's what we're going to capture, their energy and zest for life! We need to let go of the perfectly posed family photos and embrace our every day, our kids and the love we all have for each other.

Because when we look back on our photographs, we want to remember them fondly. Not that session in a shopping centre where we were standing behind the photographer waving a toy! So if you've been thinking about booking in a session, then I hope this is the little kick in the pants you need to do it! And if you like the sound of me then let’s chat and make this happen!

Kirstyn x