Ok so you're thinking about capturing you and your family, but you want to know what exactly will happen if you book me to be your photographer?


Location, Location, Location:

Well first things first ; I love to have fun and we have a relaxed session. My favourite place to work is in your home.  It's where so many of your memories are created, so it makes sense you want to capture it as well. I specialise in natural light photography so I like to work in the rooms in your home with the best light so that factors in when we choose the time for your session.

If we're venturing outdoors, think about somewhere you and your family love to go. Is it the beach or a favourite park to kick a ball around? Don’t particularly have one in mind – don’t worry, I have locations up my sleeve for you! I love to work early in the morning just after sunrise or in the late afternoon when the light is softer just before sunset. We can work out the time that suits us all,  but please arrive on time. If you are running late or think you will be, give me a call to let me know. 


How will the session run?

The session will last approximately 1-2 hours, so if we're not at your home make sure you bring snacks and drinks for your little ones if they need a break. We don't want hungry children on our hands! And if they have a favourite toy or book or even the beautiful rug that Nana knitted bring that along too.

If it’s at your home, I will arrive and get to know you and your family. Especially the little ones, as let's be honest, they run the show. I would love a tour of your home so I can pick where the best light is to get the best out of your photos. These are usually your master bedroom, living room and children's rooms. If you have a veggie garden or spend a lot of time outside, we can check that out too. Don't worry about your house being too messy, just a quick tidy and de clutter the rooms that we are most likely to shoot in as mentioned above. As I love to shoot on your bed think about which linen you will use, something neutral is a great or a beautiful rug or throw is a great accent.  Just think that you want it to compliment your outfits that you'll be wearing. If unsure just ask. And while we're on the topic of beds, I will probably be jumping up on yours to capture you all snuggling!

For young children especially, the idea of standing still and smiling for the camera is so boring! So keeping things fun is essential... so picture tickle fights, pulling silly faces at each other or even your favoutie activity like baking biscuits! Don't worry if they have a meltdown, I have two children and I know, boy do I know about that. We will just go with the flow, have some time out if need be, but please don't worry - its life! As I mentioned we will move around the home to different locations and then let the magic unfold.

Just remember I'm there to capture you, just you. Not who you think you should be in front of the camera - so just be yourself.

What do I wear? Do I need to go shopping?

Well any excuse I say to go shopping, but really you will probably have that perfect outfit in your wardrobe already. Keeping things simple, classic and neutral and wearing what makes you feel good. You don't have to be matchy matchy but complimenting each other is perfect. But most of all be comfortable and just remember - these photos will be around and hanging on your walls, so you probably don't want a 'Just Do It' logo across your t-shirt! Here are some ideas (you can also search on Pintrest, its a treasure trove of great outfit ideas!) Here are a few I found myself.


Rain drops & sniffles:  

If you or your family get sick or it's raining, we can reschedule and there isn't a re booking fee. If I'm not well I will do the same (especially with newborns as we don't want to risk them getting sick). If it's an outdoor shoot, we'll defiantly postpone. If it's indoors, it depends on the light, as I'm a natural light photographer, I need beautiful light coming in your windows to light the room!


So you can just Photoshop that right? 

Sorry I don't Photoshop. I will enhance the natural beauty in every photo and capture you and your family just as you are. I can get rid of a blemish or that bruise your toddler has because he has just started to walk and that's what they do! But I can't make you skinner or give you those white teeth you want (although I can recommend a great dentist!)

Ok we had a great session now what happens?

After your session, I will have a sneak peek ready for you within 48 hours on my Instagram/Facebook pages. Then you will receive your proofing gallery to choose your favourites with a mix of colour and black and white within 3-6 weeks, or if you love them all you can upgrade to receive all the images! Once you have received your photos, you can download them straight to your computer. Please save them and back them up, as I only keep them for 2 months.

In regard to printing, I suggest using my professional printer and not your local 1 hour printing place, as the colours will not be like what you see on your screen.

Now if you have gotten through all of that and you have a smile on your face, I know what you're thinking. What do we do now... YOU BOOK!